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Bulk Mail

Boasting a better than average industry turnaround of 48hrs and utilising the delivery network of Australia Post we provide next day or cost effective delayed 'off peak' delivery standards from small to large articles delivering not only around Australia but also internationally. For lodgements as small as 100 to as large as 1'000'000 DMS has the capacity to provide maximum postage discounts for regular mailing clients to one off mailing campaigns.

DMS can prepare your mail to meet the following required regulations;

  • DPID Barcoded Lodgement
  • Bulk pre-sort Regular / Off-peak Lodgement
  • Print Post Lodgement
  • Unaddressed / Householder Lodgement
  • Charity Mail Lodgement
  • Impact Mail Lodgement
  • International Lodgement



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